Nutritional Therapy Consultations

During an initial consultation a detailed health history and full health assessment is taken. This will cover previous and present issues, your family health history, as well as your current diet and lifestyle. Based on this information Samantha will provide you with personalised recommendations. She will guide you towards healthier diet and lifestyle choices providing full support for you on the Package that you have chosen.

Samantha employs an evidence-based approach to each individual case which may sometimes require functional testing. As a highly valuable tool these tests provide further insight into many health conditions and although optional, are strongly recommended to improve your health outcome where necessary.

Following each consultation, you will receive dietary adjustments including suggestions for additional dietary support, lifestyle-related advice, and associated relevant handouts. Follow-up consultations usually take place on a 4-weekly basis although this can depend on the programme that you choose. During follow-ups changes in your health will be discussed as well as additional dietary and lifestyle changes leading you to the next stage in your programme. If you have taken functional tests, Samantha will guide you through your test report and discuss any relevant changes needed on the basis of your results.

Samantha is passionate about helping you on your journey to better health. With this in mind, she will not provide unrealistic suggestions and will always take into consideration your specific circumstances when devising your programme. Samantha likes to work with committed individuals whose priority is focused on improving their health, and who understand that the road to recovery may require patience and effort.

Whereas Samantha is happy to provide one-off Health MOT sessions where she offers simple dietary and lifestyle advice, it is important to understand that long-term health improvements cannot be achieved in one consultation alone. If you are struggling with a chronic health condition, you will understand that the road to recovery does not happen overnight. However, it is worth knowing that sometimes even small changes can provide profound and rapid results.

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