Pilates with Samantha

The human body is Samantha's passion. From a young age her involvement in bodywork has included gymnastics, ballet, yoga, gym training, running and Latin dance. It is an interest that encourages her continual experimentation with new techniques.

Samantha undertook her initial training under the tutelage of Alan Herdman. She has since trained with many other teachers including Karen Clippinger, Elizabeth Larkam, Lynne Robinson and James d'Silva.

Samantha has experience of working with a wide range of clients. Her initial training focused strongly on remedial work and injury prevention. Since then she has also specialised in advanced training for elite athletes. Samantha takes private sessions at your home, clinic room or studio where she adapts the session to suit your individual requirements. She also runs studio-based sessions where she combines mat work and machine work.

Samantha has extensive experience in working on rehabilitation after injury or operation. She is equally experienced in working with dancers, athletes and clients who require an intensive yet safe workout to maintain optimum fitness and prevent occupational injury.

Private Pilates Sessions

These include an initial postural analysis, after which a programme will be devised according to your specific needs. The exercises will focus on improving posture, strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and supporting/preventing injuries.

Home/clinic-based sessions include the very latest in mat work technique with the use of portable equipment where necessary. Home-based sessions are local to Crouch End and the surrounding North London area and are arranged at your convenience. Sessions can also be conducted online.

Studio-based sessions include mat work technique, portable equipment and the use of the Pilates machines.

One-to-One Mat work Session, £80

One-to-One Mat work Session (online), £70

Duet Mat work Session, £100

One-to-One Machine Session, £75

Prices relate to one-hour sessions although longer sessions can be arranged. Contact Samantha on 077545 578 347 or email her to arrange a session.

“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”

Joseph Pilates

Samantha's Training

Samantha undertook her initial Pilates mat and machine training under the tutelage of the legendary Alan Herdman. She has also trained with Lynne Robinson, Karen Clippinger and Elizabeth Larkam. She is a qualified Garuda® Apparatus, Barre, Foam Roller and Brick teacher and continues to study the technique under the guidance of James d'Silva.

Alan Herdman Pilates

Mat work


Trapeze Table (Cadillac)

Ladder Barrel

Wunda Chair

Swiss Ball

Stability Roller

Spine Corrector

Small Equipment

Anatomy & Physiology incl. Conditions

Exercises for Seniors

Specialising in Remedial and Restorative

Teaching Skills & Cueing

Karen Clippinger
M.S.P.E. Professor

Hip and Knee Mechanics on the Reformer

Shoulder Mechanics, Alignment & Pilates Program Design (Reformer/Trapeze Table/Dyna Band)

Sacroiliac Function & Pilates Exercise Design (Reformer/Trapeze Table/Swiss Ball/ Stability Roller)

Kelly McKinnon
Gyrotonic®/Gyrokinesis® Master Trainer; Pilates Teacher & Master Trainer

Advanced Reformer Classes

Advanced Exercises - Wunda Chair, Baby Arch, Spine Corrector, Stability Roller

Lynne Robinson
Co-Founder & Director, Body Control Pilates Education

Pilates in Pregnancy 1: Antenatal

Pilates in Pregnancy 2: Ante and Postnatal Programmes

Elizabeth Larkam

Proprioception: the Vestibular and Visual System

Mat Practice and Teaching

James D'Silva
Garuda® Creator

Garuda® Apparatus Teacher Training

Platform, Split-Platform, Chair Attachment

Tensegrity - Diaphragm/Psoas and Weight Bearing

Fascia Muscle Chains and Energy

Garuda® Chakra - Foam Roller

Garuda® Ballet Barre

Garuda® Graha - Brick

Rebekah Rotstein
Buff Bones® Creator

Buff Bones® Instructor Training

Complete matwork programme to support bone and joint concerns, including osteoporosis, arthritis, general back and neck pain

Contact Samantha to arrange a 1-1 Pilates Session