Nutritional Therapy

A Personalised Diet and Lifestyle Plan Designed for You

In an ideal world, we would get all the nutrients we need from a balanced diet. However, the reality of 21st Century living is far removed from this ideal. The stresses of modern life can be unsupportive of a healthy lifestyle.

A fast-paced environment can make it easy to neglect our bodies through unhelpful dietary choices. Additionally, pollution, personal stress, and exposure to household toxins and unhealthy stimulants could contribute to many chronic health problems.

In recent times we have witnessed a steady increase in chronic disease and sickness. Chronic illnesses have now reached almost epidemic proportions with 1 in 3 of the population currently predicted to develop cancer. Digestive health has become a common concern, and autoimmunity is at an all-time high. Yet ill health can only exist in a body that is out of balance.

You are Unique

“Take a moment to appreciate your body - or take a lifetime. There is no greater miracle in nature. Its complexities fill libraries, and still there's more to be discovered. Just as the universe contains millions of bodies, your body contains millions of universes - you are made of the same stuff as stars.”


Nutrition can provide a holistic approach to healing and increased wellness, often reducing the need for drugs or other potentially harmful therapies. Personalised Nutrition can facilitate a risk-free, achievable route towards improved health and vitality. Even in the absence of a specific health complaint appropriate nutrition can enhance the quality of your health, helping you to feel happier in yourself.

Conditions that may benefit from a Personalised Nutrition approach include:

Allergies & Intolerances



Blood Sugar Imbalances

Blood Pressure Irregularities


Chronic Fatigue/ME

Digestive complaints/IBS

Fertility/Menstrual problems


Inflammatory conditions

Menopausal symptoms

Skin problems

Weight irregularities

Samantha specialises in digestive health and chronic disease. However, with over 2 decades of managing a broad range of health concerns, Samantha is experienced in providing expert support across a wide range of conditions.

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